Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Walking...With a Glimpse of the Future

Today was a heck of a day.  It seemed that most of the day was going from one thing to the next that Jacey was climbing on.  I would walk over to her climbing my kitchen drawers where I would tell her that was a no and set her down.  Then she would be off to the entertainment center in hopes of climbing on that.  I would have to hurry over to tell her no again and set her down.  Usually at this point she screams and pitches a fit.  Then she attempts to turn the TV on and off...on and off...over and over and over again.  I stand there and remove her hand from the buttons on the TV only to have her attempt again and again and again.  Imagine this all day long!  It got really tiring, especially when I didn't sleep well last night.

I wasn't able to fold laundry, I couldn't wash dishes, I couldn't leave the room to use the bathroom, and so on.  By the end of the day with Jacey, I was emotionally spent.  Thankfully Judd arrived home before I lost my sanity completely. 

As I type this I am trying to get Jacey to go to sleep.  She is climbing on her dresser, playing with her curtains, climbing on the dresser again, playing with the CD Player that is on top of the dresser, opening and closing the door repeatedly, and again climbing on the dresser.  Thankfully I'm taking something good from this and videotaping it for our video for 4 Paws.  Hopefully they get the idea that she is a CLIMBER!!! 

Anyways, after Judd had gotten home and I had been able to relax for a little bit (Thank you Judd!!!), he decided to take the kids for a walk.  I thought it would be good to get out and enjoy a nice walk with the family and be able to enjoy the nice weather with them.  The two older kids road their bikes while the two little girls hung out with dad...granted Jacey was running ahead a little bit.  I held the leash to Sasha as we walked.  On our way back down a little hill on our road, Jacey wanted to grab the leash from me.  I let her have it and it brought a huge smile to my face.  Jacey was ecstatic!  Oh, if you could have heard her giggle with delight!!!  She would look back now and then with a smile for us as she trotted down the road with Sasha. 

Seeing Jacey hold the leash and walk with Sasha, and hearing her giggle with pure enjoyment made me want to cry as it does now.  It allowed me a glimpse into the future when we have a Service Dog for Jacey.  It allowed me to see and hear the delight within Jacey that will come with the independence she will gain with a Service Dog.  Walking today did much good for my soul.  After the day I had, I think Heavenly Father knew exactly how to buoy me up for another day with Jacey.  I am so grateful for the glimpse into what it will be like with a trained dog next to Jacey.  All by choosing to take a walk with my family and our dog Sasha.

....Now I just need a glimpse of what it will look like to have Jacey go to bed without climbing on everything!

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