Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You're probably thinking, "What the heck is what does it have to do with your service dog???"

It was brought to my attention that one of my previous posts had mentioned something about Judd's forum that he loves, but never mentioned what forum that was.  The forum that I was mentioning was, and I apologize to everyone over there for not having actually mentioned the name earlier. 

Since starting this blog, I have had a very exhilarating experience with fundraising.  I don't feel that I personally have done as much fundraising as (and I think I have done a bit!).  This forum of men and women are one of the main reasons that tears come to my eyes when I think about what has been done for Jacey and my family. 

For those of you who don't know about (and for those who do), let me tell you a little about what they have personally done for my family.  I know I had mentioned earlier that Judd had gone to the moderator to see about posting our story and the fundraising we were needing to do.  Judd was unsure about it because as trappers, they are always being asked to contribute funds to help with this fight or that battle.  We both were unsure of the response Judd might get from the forum but thought that we should at least try.  At most, we thought that maybe a handful of people would see the post and maybe make a small donation towards our $13,000 goal.  Judd was given the okay to post it and that it would be "stickied" to the top of the forum for two weeks.  We had no idea that this would have even been a possibility.

Well, the story gets better from here!  The next thing we know, there were a few people that wanted to donate items for them to auction off in honor of Jacey.  This took Judd and I by complete surprise.  Remember, we were just hoping that a handful of people would see the post.  It has grown into something that we could never have pictured...not in a million years!  This auction has taken off like a wildfire and we're not sure when the giving is going to end.

The auction that started out with just a few items from different individuals has now turned into more than eighty donated items from many individuals and businesses.  They are continually adding more and more items.  What I find the most interesting is that the people who are donating and bidding on the items talk of not bidding them higher to "win" the item, but to help Jacey receive her Autism Service Dog.  The warmth of the individuals on has humbled us more than anyone can ever know.

Because of, our goal of $13,000 seems to be getting closer and closer by the hour!  As of last night, the total bids were over $8,000.  And since last night, many more items have been donated!  It is absolutely incredible.  Judd and I are completely amazed at the hearts of people.  We are so grateful and eternally indebted to the men and women on for what they have done for us.  Without them, I don't believe that I would feel as confident and sure about when we might complete our fundraising goal.  We have learned of a new branch in our family tree and we are so excited to call them family.  Hopefully, we may be able to actually meet them one day...with the service dog!  Because of, after only a few weeks into fundraising, I feel like we may need to turn our focus onto travel expenses in the near future.  Who would ever have thought? 

Thank you for helping make this service dog a reality

We are truly blessed!

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