Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Gift in the Mail

Along this road we've been on in getting Jacey a service dog, we have "met" many wonderful people.  It continues to amaze me with the things people want to do for a little girl with special needs!  We have been blessed by people who have given so much, when they themselves are having difficult times.  Whether the difficult times be financially, medically, or any other number of things, these people still want to give for Jacey. 

Among these people is a man by the name of Kirk.  He is one of those amazing people we met through Trapperman.com.  Kirk bid things up on the auctions and reminded people that the auctions were for Jacey.  He was the winner of at least one of these auctions.  Instead of having one of these items mailed to himself, he chose to have it sent to Jacey.

It gets better - Tinemaster, who had donated the items for the auction, sent a little extra something from his daughters, Ashlee and Katie, for Jacey.  Here are the pictures of the gifts Jacey received in the mail.  Thank you Kirk and Tinemaster.  We thank Heaven everyday for what you've done for us.  May God bless you for where your hearts are!

Judd helps Jacey open the package

Jacey sees something she might like!

All Jacey can say is "Doggy, Doggy, Doggy!"  And giggles...
(It is a fox)

Jacey actually looking at the camera!

Judd shows Jacey the heart shaped necklace that Tinemaster's daughters, Ashlee and Katie, added to the package!

Of course, Jacey has to taste test it like everything else.

Judd shows Jacey the beaver tooth necklace...

And of course, Jacey has to try it. 
(Thank you for having it preserved with something Tinemaster!!!)

Jacey enjoying all of her new things!  She loved the "doggy" (aka fox)!!!

Thanks again Kirk and Tinemaster!!!  Jacey will have something to hold as we tell her about the wonderful people who helped us get her four-legged friend.  Jacey has a lot of angels looking over her - thank you!

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