Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What a Nightmare!

I went to Dublin's vet appointment today and they told me they had forgotten some things that were done with the surgery and had updated his bill.  Some type of tissue that the vet's wife had pulled out thinking they would use and hadn't was being charged to me and some other unknown hidden costs all came to a total of $2000.  I freaked out!  Let's just say that I didn't sleep well after having had this horrible dream...

Yes, it was just a dream but I woke up this morning nervous for Dublin's actual appointment and what I was going to find there.  It was a simple appointment to have his staples removed but after this dream, I wasn't sure what to expect.

Well...I am home now with a "shadeless" dog.  He had his staples removed and his "cone of shame" was allowed to be removed and left behind.  It was really quite a simple visit where the vet wanted him to lay down.  He physically wanted to help Dublin sit.  I asked him if he wanted him to lay down and so I told Dublin down and down he went.  The vet said he wasn't used to dogs that cooperated so well.  :o)  I told him that if he really wanted Dublin to lay on his side which he had already helped Dublin do, all I would have had to say was "BANG BANG" and he would have gone down.  I guess the vet didn't know all of our tricks we've got up our sleeves!  Kenna and Trevin were there as standard operating procedure.  Dublin did well laying on his side even though the vet was taking staples out and Trevin kept moving about his upper region.

Dublin is officially cleared to be a "real" dog again - free to run and jump throughout the backyard as he pleases.  This not only excites Dublin, but Judd and I as well.  For the past ten days, we have had to take him on leash outback (which is fenced) to take him potty.  While he carried the "cone of shame" around, he would poutfully walk around the house, following us wherever we went like there was some invisible string attached to us, hoping that we would save him from it.  Then there were the countless episodes of Dublin running into and knocking over kids because of the lovely lampshade.  We had to leave Dublin behind the baby gate in the kitchen at night so that he wouldn't wander aimlessly around at night near sleeping babes bedroom doors and collide with the wall with the lampshade.  And of course the whining to be fed his third or fourth "mini meal" of the day or whining to be let outside off leash.  ::Sigh::  Who knew ten days could be soooo miserable and finally being set "free" feel like you're floating on air. 

Thank you so much for your concern for Dublin and our family.  It is greatly appreciated...so until the next post...  (Which had better be filled with more good news and not of how the stars misaligned causing craziness to ensue, right?!)


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