Saturday, October 20, 2012

Update on Dublin

Okay.  I'm sure everyone has been wanting an update just as much as we have!  I first want to thank everyone who spread the word and prayed for Dublin's recovery.  It means a lot to us...thank you.

We just got home from the vet clinic after a whopping $1091 bill.  However, the prognosis for Dublin is looking MUCH better than his bill!  :o)  He's actually kind of a clown (lampshade maybe) right now!  It was good to visit with the vet and to hear his positive thoughts regarding Dublin.  Dublin came out from where they had him as happy as could be, with tail wagging madly back and forth.  He's a clown for the fact that he doesn't maneuver very well with this lovely lampshade around his head. 

The vet feels that Dublin is out of the woods and should have a good recovery...IF we can keep him calm and not pop his staples out!  The vet said that he figured Dublin probably didn't have another twelve hours in him with the condition he was in.  His incision goes the length of his abdomen and we need to keep him from jumping, running, etc. to make sure his staples don't pop.  We were sent home with antibiotics and anti-nausea medication with a strict, bland diet.  They provided us with cans of dog food to give to him throughout the day, broken up into quarters - one can a day.  This is to help his digestive system slowly work its way back into functioning order.  After four days on the can, we can begin to add a little bit of his normal dog food into the quarters we give him to help him ease back into his regular diet.  Dublin may have diarrhea for a while until things start running at full speed again, especially knowing that his colon had been hemorrhaging and is very bruised.  The colon may sluff off some of what was within it as the healing process continues.  We do have to watch for any sudden changes in Dublin's demeanor as that obviously doesn't bode well considering how happy and lively he is now.  The vet feels good about where Dublin is especially considering he checked on him yesterday and Dublin was still feeling pretty cruddy.  Between yesterday and today is a big change, hoping to signify a full and easy recovery.  The vet figures we won't see him for another ten days, when he will then take the staples out. 

I feel relieved that I made the decision to take Dublin to the vet when I did, especially knowing now just how bad off he was.  It is nice to see Dublin back to his vibrant self, only being frustrated at running into everything with his lampshade.  I've got a busy ten days ahead of me with a dog that is going to have a lampshade around his head and feeding him four times a day. 

The kids were excited to see him when he came home.  Jacey gave him a big hug and Trevin keeps going up to him, patting him on his head and giggling.  And with Dublin's collar on him for the next ten days while he is home, I think Jacey is going to have a heyday hauling him around the house!  Thank you again so much for everyones concern and prayers. 


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  1. So happy to hear he's recovering! Love from Detour (another 4 Paws black lab!)