Sunday, December 12, 2010

Traveling Home from Training at 4 Paws

As you read yesterday, I went to bed WAY too late Friday night.  Well, Jacey decided that I apparently didn't need any sleep at all by waking up at 2:30 in the morning.  I quickly gave her more Melatonin but she didn't go back to sleep until after 4:30.  I'm pretty sure I was in and out during this time.  She was relaxed enough that she stayed in bed and played with the TV remote.  I then woke up at 6:00 to get ready and finish packing our last minute stuff.  We went to breakfast and left the hotel at 7:30.  We took a classmate's father to the airport with us because he was flying out shortly after us. 

We woke Jacey up to get ready for breakfast and to get on the road.  She was pretty mellow!

Our last breakfast at Homewood Suites.

Jacey prefers our food over hers this morning.

It went smoothly in the airport.  Going through security was a breeze except for having to basically put ourselves back together with all of our loot.  Jacey's coat and shoes, my coat and shoes, Judd's computer back into it's case, Dublin's harness and collar back on, and more.  I think it took us longer to get our stuff put back together than it did waiting in line to go through security. 

I told Dublin down...Jacey followed the command very well also!

Waiting for the plane in Dayton, Ohio.

I bought some Teddy Grahams within the airport because Jacey decided to dump what was left of her snacks onto the seat of our rental car.  (They were a life saver when we got on the plane.)  Jacey did not enjoy just sitting on the plane in her carseat waiting for everyone to load and waiting for takeoff.  Dublin did fairly well on the airplane.  During take off you could see his bomb slightly quiver.  I talked "happy" to him and gave him some treats.  Throughout the flight, I'd lean over, as best I could, and praise him and give him more treats.  And of course, about twenty to thirty minutes before landing, Jacey decided she'd had enough fun.  Once we landed, Dublin seemed more than thrilled to get off the plane.  :o)  But of course, it took a little time to be allowed off. 

Once we got into Detroit, Judd and I had to part ways on the "people mover".  I walked with Dublin along the side of it while Judd tried to keep up with Jacey as she ran along it.  Dublin behaved well in the airport.  Judd and I got separated at the first escalator when I had to go up in the elevator.  I guess he went back down and then up with Jacey while he waited for us.  I thought they had just gone on ahead.  Needless to say, it was about half way to the end of a tram line that I realized there even was a tram.  I think we got out of the elevator at gate thirty-something.  They had the people movers along the walkway, but of course Dublin and I weren't allowed on them (they don't want his paws to get caught at the ends so we aren't allowed to take the dog on them).  Our gate was A72.  Yep, I walked a loooooong way before figuring out there was a tram that wasn't going to do me any good at that point.  Judd and Jacey showed up at the gate shortly after I arrived there.  I guess they saw me ahead and started heading that way.  I was pooped by the time I got there considering I was hauling the carseat...and a big belly!  :o)
Judd grabbed Taco Bell for us for lunch.  We ate at the gate and shortly into our gourmet meal, they announced that our flight was canceled due to weather in Minneapolis.  Judd quickly went to find out what other flights we might be able to get on to get home.  In the end, all flights to Minneapolis were canceled as the airport was shut down there.  We couldn't get to Denver, Salt Lake City, or Seattle even.  Judd tried for getting out on Sunday to no avale.  We have guaranteed flights out of Detroit for Monday to Salt Lake City with a short layover and then on to Great Falls.

So by this point of attempting to get on other flights, Judd got a cart for all of our stuff.  Jacey got to ride on it, strapped in her carseat.  We went to the baggage claim area and spent more time there trying to get our bags out from the back.  They didn't want to give them to us, but considering we were going to be here all weekend with Dublin and Jacey, we needed the dog food and diapers out of the bags.  They told us it would take a couple of hours to find them and get them out so we went in search of a hotel.  The airline also gave us dinner vouchers which they didn't have to do. 

Ahhh, a cart to carry all of our stuff!

Judd works on getting our checked baggage for our "weekend vacation" in Detroit!

Riding the shuttle to the hotel.

We are staying at the Fairfield Marriot right by the airport.  A couple hours after settling in, the airline called to let us know that our bags were available for us to pick up.  Judd took the shuttle back to the airport and got them.  For dinner, we walked two blocks down to a Big Bob's Restaurant.  We enjoyed a nice meal and I indulged with a banana split.  Mmmmm, it was really good.  I'm ready to go back and get another one.

Jacey got all of her loot out from her backpack.

Jacey crashed for a little nap!

Jacey and Judd went swimming for a short bit in the hotel's pool while I watched from the sidelines with Dublin.  There was a little girl that was having a swimming pool party for her birthday so there were a bunch of kids making a lot of noise.  I brought my knitting project and took pictures of the two of them.  We made the swimming short because of the noise.  Jacey went to bed well and slept in to about 7:30 this morning. 

Waiting for Judd to get ready for swimming.  Jacey enjoyed the shower!

Dublin considered joining her...but held off for a day!

Our little fish seems happy!

Enjoying her time with Daddy!

Jacey crashed hard after swimming.  :o)

We went down to breakfast at 8:00 and they had a fairly good breakfast selection for us, which was nice to find.  We went back to the room where I sorted out the laundry needing to be done.  Judd got on the phone with Delta to find out about our flights for Monday and to see if there was any possibility of getting out today.  We'll be flying out Monday for Salt Lake City.  It's been kind of nice just hanging out.  Jacey was a bit cranky while Judd went to do laundry and get work done.  But she snapped out of it and had a blast giggling in the shower area. 

Jacey enjoyed our bags while I sorted laundry.

Judd came back and we took Dublin for a couple of tracks.  He did good.  You knew exactly when he heard her because his tail would start wagging like crazy and he'd be off to get her.  It was great to see their bonding taking shape!  Judd then went across to McDonald's and grabbed us lunch.  We stayed at the hotel because it was snowing outside and I didn't want Jacey out in it - she's been out in the weather enough the past two weeks.

After eating lunch down in the breakfast area, Judd and Jacey got their swimsuits back on in the room and went swimming.  Again, I took my knitting.  It was a lot quieter in the pool area which was a welcome relief!  Jacey is such a joy to watch giggle as she gets in and out of the hot tub. 

Jacey comes to say hello to Dublin and me.

Smiles for the camera!

Jacey enjoyed going back and forth in the hot tub with dad.

Dad shows Jacey the little shower.

Hmmmm...what should I do next?  Shower or hot tub?

Getting dried off just to go back to play with the little shower.

Looks like a rough life doesn't it?

The little shower...

We're back in the hotel room enjoying as much "R and R" as Jacey will allow us.  She took a good nap, allowing me to update yesterday's post with pictures.

Until later...



  1. What a nightmare. Turned into a dream vacation!

  2. Hope you're home safe soon! It's balmy here:) I'm so glad it went wonderfully and we can't wait to meet Dublin!

  3. If you don't mind...what did you do about Dublin's need to potty? We are currently fundraising, and it's going much more quickly than I thought. My email is