Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 9 of Training at 4 Paws

Well, I feel like I would be repeating myself if I tell you about this morning too much!  :o)  Jacey woke up WAY too early again but shortly after her Melatonin kicked in, she again found a spot on Dublin's Mutt Matt.  However, this morning Dublin decided to come in and make himself comfortable on her bed.  I wonder why?

Jacey wasn't up for sharing Dublin's mat with him this morning!

After she woke up, she wanted in the bath.  After it slowly drained even being "plugged" she wanted back in her jammies...just a different pair.  She also got snugly with Dublin who was resting.

Every day we have gone to a park and tracked Jacey.  Only two of those were with Christie, who Dublin was originally trained to track.  I took Dublin for the first track with Jeremy following along.  Dublin had a lot of energy this morning and towards the end of the track, I thought I was going to go face first into the snow because he was trying to speed up and I couldn't go any faster.  Luckily, I caught myself and we went back to work and found Jacey.  I was completely out of breath but happy that Dublin did such a good job.  Judd just laughed at me, saying that I shouldn't have gone so fast if I was going to run out of breath.  I was just trying to watch Dublin's movements and make sure he was on Jacey's scent.  I guess I need to make sure that I stay at a steady pace.  Woooo, I was pooped. 

The second track, Judd took the lead and I was more than happy to go hide with Jacey.  Dublin did great.  We walked along the side of a pavilion with picnic benches and I guess Dublin got wrapped around one of the posts.  :o)  Other than that, no distractions and no hesitation.  Jeremy felt good about both tracks.

We came back to 4 Paws after our morning of tracks and met up with Jennifer.  On the way home, we had to stop and take a picture of a "store" we thought was funny.  Hope you like...

We continued to go over tethering and distraction work with the dogs.  Dublin did a fantastic job at both.  Pup-peronnis were dropped across the floor and we practiced walking the dogs through the "path of temptation."  Dublin didn't hardly even look at them.  I was super proud of him for doing so well.  We'll have to continue working on this to make sure that at any time when food is dropped on the floor that Dublin feels like we are testing him. 

Jacey came over and wanted to feed Dublin some treats.  :o)

While I worked with Dublin, Jacey noticed two of the boys up on the stairs playing a game.  She had to go investigate.  I think she liked what she found because she was there for quite a while.

We were given a very short lunch so we grabbed food and brought it back to eat.  Of course, Mom and Dad's food tasted better than Jacey's own.  :o)  She also really enjoyed our drinks! 

The children were not needed to be at the center for anything in the afternoon class.  So Judd took Jacey back to the hotel.  She fell asleep on the way and Judd couldn't get her to wake up.  I guess after an hour after she fell asleep, Judd was still having difficulty waking her up, so he mentioned "candy" to her and her eyes peeked open just a bit.  He gave her a Hot Tamale.  :o)  Heck of a way to wake up!

The afternoon consisted of Jeremy discussing tracking and any questions we might have on anything else we have learned.  Towards the end we were given the opportunity to get up and show Jeremy basic obedience with our dogs.  Dublin made me look good again. 

Jacey enjoyed dumping Dublin's dinner out on the floor tonight and was all over the hotel room.  She was giggly...apparently the nap gave her a bit more energy!  It was well after 8:30 that she finally got comfortably settled in my lap.  By 9:00, she was still awake.  So Judd and Dublin went to go lay down with her on the bed.  Judd got her to sleep but Dublin jumping off the bed woke her back up.  Judd went and layed back down with her and is now getting some Z's in himself!

Today has been a good day.  We were given the option of where we wanted to work on tracking tomorrow and so we will be meeting at the mall tomorrow with a group of us who want more practice and help with indoor tracks.  I just don't feel confident with Dublin inside a store yet.  Hopefully tomorrow will help both me and Dublin increase in confidence with indoor tracking. 

I'm not sure where the evening has gone, but it is bedtime for me!  Enjoy the post for today and I'll see you back here tomorrow!


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