Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Doggy Match is Here!!!

My name is Dublin and I am a Labrador Retriever. I am a member of the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream litter. My sisters Kiwi and Pumpkin are in this class too. We were born 11-1-2009. I am so excited to be coming to live with you. Montana? Is that anywhere near Alaska? I lived in Alaska when I was younger with a boy named Leo. They were my foster family and raised me to be a good service dog then I came back here for the advanced training. I am so excited to be a service dog. I know all about it because my friend Leo, he has a 4 Paws service dog too and I learned a lot from his service dog. She was my mentor! It is hard to believe that you will be here Tuesday and a whole new chapter in our lives will begin. How cool. I can't wait. Hurry to Ohio my friend. xoxo Dublin

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